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Consulting, Comparing & Revolutionising the industry.

RSCC Services

Business Meeting
Laptop and Paperwork

Comprehensive Comparison and Recommendation:

RSCC provides a comprehensive comparison of business rates reduction agents based on their qualifications, track record, and other relevant factors. The company also offers personalized recommendations to clients based on their specific needs and goals, and can assist businesses that are already working with agents but are looking for a better deal or want to optimize their efforts.

Connections and Support:

RSCC's website offers a streamlined process for connecting with business rates reduction agents and setting up appointments, saving businesses time and effort. The company also provides guidance and support to clients throughout the process of working with agents, including assistance with negotiations, paperwork, and other tasks.

Information and Revenue Generation:

The RSCC website provides valuable information and tips for businesses looking to reduce their commercial property taxes. The company generates revenue through commissions earned from referrals to agents, as well as subscription fees from agents who choose to list themselves on the website. RSCC's business model allows it to offer its services to clients for free, as it earns revenue through its partnerships with agents.

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